SGI Accident Claims

An Overall Process To Get SGI Accident Claims

An Overall Process To Get SGI Accident Claims

You are involved in an auto body collision recently and want to get the claim from any autobody guelph? Right? If yes, then here we’ll help you to make this overall process a quite simple. Just look out the measures that we’ve posted below in order to get your auto claim in the simplest manner.


Describe Your Claim

When you describe your claim, have the below-mentioned information ready:

  • your driver’s permit
  • your order number
  • transportation details
  • all the data you received from the other drivers included in the accident and the observers at the spot of the accident
    SGI will allow a claims adjuster to serve with you and take charge of your application. You must make your replacements within two years of the event.

If you’ve been wounded then show your adjuster if you or any of the riders in your carrier were damaged. Follow the right auto injury claims method.

See If There Are Any Witnesses

It’s your responsibility to look around and see if there are any present witnesses. If there’s someone, then ask them about their names and information. These witnesses can help to decide out what occurred and who was actually responsible.

Notify The Policemen

Yes, you should do that. Make sure to report the accident to the policemen if:

  • There was a death of someone
  • In a case, if injuries have happened to someone, you must report the injury claims administration.
  • Assure to accompany the Auto injury claims method.

Exchange Your Information With Others

You should ensure to transfer the whole information in concern to an accident with the additional drivers included in the auto body collision.

Make sure to ask them for the following information:

  • Name
  • Coverage Company
  • VIN and Policy Number

Always remember to collect these all information to make it easier for the company that offer autobody services. You can also get a print image and save it in your gage box. If it’s possible then get photos of the display and the destruction of the vehicles involved in an accident.


Get a damage assessment

Once, you’ve submitted a claim then you require to have your car appraised by a qualified appraiser. He’s the one who will review the damage and then make a repair assessment. These repairs can be made by a crash repair partner or a surrey autobody store of your preference.

Now, the auto adjuster will get a text of the evaluation for study. When the assessment has been established, they will give the permission to autobody guelph, which will talk you to manage the repairs.